Bread Baking with Grains

S$ 245.00


by Dean Brettschneider

Class includes lunch, glass of wine & coffee / tea

With today’s focus on well-being and nutrition, this class is designed to help you understand baking with healthy grains and flours such as wholemeal, rye & spelt. You will also work with healthy seeds like flax, chia, linseed, sunflower, pumpkin, quinoa and a variety of fruit and nuts.

Pre-requisite: Must complete Basic Bread Baking before attending

Course Dates
Sun 26 Mar 2017 10am - 4pm 24 Mar 2017 Available Register
Mon 24 April 2017 10am - 4pm 22 Apr 2017 Available Register
Wed 31 May 2017 10am - 4pm 29 May 2017 Available Register
Wed 14 June 2017 10am - 4pm 12 Jun 2017 Available Register

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